When you’re looking for portable partitions, acoustic room dividers or more economical canvas partitions, then you need look no further than Versare.

Offering sleek style and durability for creating split classrooms, impromptu activity areas, meeting areas, or delivering employee privacy in seconds - Versare is space dividing ingenuity at its best.  In a variety of finishes from fabric, canvas or polycarbonate, they even provide the perfect solutions for spray tan salons, cafeterias, or lab environments.

Their Hush Panel DIY Cubicles offer a way to create workstations in seconds.  Unique arrangements can be infinitely added upon as needs require, with stylish partitions which will modernise your space and add visual flair!

As a proud service partner for Versare, Kitset Assembly Services supplies a barricade to the frustration of assembly.  If you need help putting together your Versare products, request a quote from our exquisite Customer Experience team by calling 0508 454 873 or complete the form above.