Tiltaway Bed


Space is at a premium these days, with the current trend towards downsizing, plus an upsurge in apartment and studio-style living - Tiltaway Beds NZ offers a practical and versatile solution to combining space, quality and comfort.  

With this in mind, Tiltaway Beds are the ideal solution to provide a comfortable sleeping space when needed, but can easily be folded away to maximise areas of your home, office, hospital or emergency centre. Tiltaway fold up beds are extremely well engineered and as light as a feather, resulting in an easy-to-use product that can be lifted with just one finger!  Ensuring comfort remains paramount, they are durable, practical and great for everyday use.

Tiltaway bed sizes range from King Single - King and are also available in ‘Side Tilt’, which are a popular option for sloping ceilings, high windows or narrower rooms.  Along with their Bedside Cabinets and a range of finish options to suit any existing décor and specifications, Tiltaway have a selection to meet anyone's needs or budget.

The majority of their collection is priced including full installation, however, you have the option to build your own cabinetry around the bed, or fit it to an existing wardrobe or alcove with Tiltaway Lite.  These systems can be complex to assemble, which is where we come in – Kitset Assembly Services will have you enjoying your multi-functional wall bed, in no time!  For any queries and a FREE quote, complete our booking form and our multi-functional Customer Experience team will be in contact.