With a passion for home improvement, Sheds and Shelters offer Kiwis a wide range of sheds, carports, patio covers and garden shelters from a variety of manufacturers. 

They offer a product collection in all sizes, styles, shapes and finishes, to suit everyones backyard and budget, without compromising quality! Sheds and carports can be complicated and time-consuming to install and assemble.  Without proper knowledge and experience, these can also be put together unsafely.  Kitset Assembly Services is pleased to partner with Sheds and Shelters to offer customers the opportunity of professional assembly.  Our Assemblers have been trained on all types of sheds for safety, efficiency and correctness, ensuring you get a quality build for your new shed or shelter.

To book a shed assembly today, complete our booking form above, or call our knowledgeable and enthusiastic Customer Experience team on 0508 454 873.