Keter Plastic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. With a focus on innovation driven by consumer insight, Keter provides an impressive range of diverse outside storage, outdoor furniture and home organisation solutions.

Keter Plastic is part of the Keter Group, a global enterprise that has been active for over 70 years. The Group operates 27 factories and two distribution centre in nine countries, & currently sells to over 100 countries around the world, maintaining sales offices in the majority of these markets.

Keter strongly support sustainable consumption through the use of reusable plastics and extending the life of our products. In many cases, the Keter Plastic products contain up to 100% recycled material, and in so doing, making the product into a very attractive sustainable solution.

In New Zealand, the Keter Plastic business largely focuses on categories which includes outside storage, outdoor furniture & entertainment and garden planter box solutions. In recent times, Keter NZ has firmly established itself as the “Outdoor Storage Solution Experts” and no matter what need the customer has when it comes to outdoor storage, Keter NZ has a solution readily available.

In October 2019, Keter NZ has launched a complete range of (11) premium resin garden sheds (see attached). The Oakland, My Shed, Newton and Artisan range of garden sheds are clearly a step above anything else on the NZ market and their visual appeal, technical innovation & superior quality that has a 10 year warranty, the new Keter premium sheds have become very popular with NZ consumers. In addition, with all of the sheds being made with a recycled content of about 50%, and the fact that the sheds are fully recyclable, the sheds have also proven to be a real hit with environmentally aware consumers.

Keter Plastic looks forward to bringing to the New Zealand market exciting innovative resin based solutions so that both our valued trade customers and end user consumers continue to get access to a great range of value added & highly innovative Keter Plastic solutions.

They take their name seriously, as do we – meaning crown, Keter strive for excellence in all they produce.  Kitset Assembly Services strives for excellence in all we assemble and we’re an enthusiastic and proud service partner for Keter, providing stress and hassle-free assembly for all their storage, furniture and organisation solutions.  To book an assembly service today, enquire through our booking system above.