Hi there! My name is Dave, I’m one of your Kitset Assemblers from Christchurch.

My background, before I bought my fantastic franchise, was 18 years of stainless steel bench top fabrication.  While doing this I realised I have a real passion for making things with my hands, to a high standard.  So, everything fell into place to help you guys out by building those things that you’d rather not spend the time doing, for a very reasonable price, and I get to do what I enjoy.  With the variety of things that get made from inside or outside furniture to BBQ’s, small to large sheds and anything that needs to be assembled from a box - everybody wins!

In my spare time I like to go freshwater fishing, have a slap at golf, spend time with my family and pets, and potter around with cars.

If you see my big green van around and about, please feel free to come up and have a chat, take away my card or brochure, then let me help you with saving your time (and possibly your marriage!), so you can do the things you’d rather spend time doing.