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As a Franchise owner of Kitset Assembly Services, you will be provided with initial training and on-going support to allow you and your business to grow to its maximum potential.

Our training is a course designed to have you competent and confident to begin operating your business and excelling in your territory. You have three days of on-site training at our support office and up to 3 weeks on the job training with an existing Franchisee. This will give you the skills, knowledge and abilities to be a legendary Kitset Assembly Services Franchisee.

Being part of a franchise means that you have a system to support your business. Our support office team allocates your jobs, meaning that you, as the Flatpack Franchisee, can head out on the road and do what you love. At Kitset Assembly Services, we are passionate about your success and provide you with the best systems and support available.

We will also handle your core marketing which includes; Google Advertising, social media, email marketing, website management and development, local area marketing collateral, retail partnership co-branding and researching and testing various advertising streams.

Each Franchisee pays a small monthly fee to contribute to the above advertising. These initiatives will provide you with great brand awareness and a large portion of your lead generation. However, as a new business owner, your input into marketing will not only provide you with great satisfaction, it will also allow your own business to skyrocket to the next level in your own community and territory. As well as the marketing we do as the franchisor, your opportunities to advertise and create your own brand awareness are endless - and you can have a lot of fun while doing it!

Many of our Franchisees not only get the support of our support office, but by establishing relationships with other Franchisees you can learn amazing ways to advertise in your local town, sponsor your local rugby game or even create your own social media competitions and really get some buzz going around our brand and your business!

There is no need for you to worry about updating your website or trying to understand Google AdWords - we have that covered. With the great brand power you are provided and with your support of local area marketing, your Flatpack Assembly Services business will be booming!

If you have any questions in regards to our training and support, feel free to give us a call on 0508 454 873.