We're here to help!

Virtual Assembly Assistance

As much as we would love to put your flatpack products together for you, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it's not possible.

However, what we can do, is provide you with VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY ASSISTANCE... to help out if you're in need!

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We've had messages from some frustrated people, since the lockdown restrictions were announced. They've found themselves putting together flatpack products, for their home offices, which they really didn't want to! You may even find yourself tackling that large box in the corner, which has been gathering dust, and with the lockdown restrictions in place... you can't hide from it any longer!

Either way, our Assemblers, who are now at home across NZ just like you, want to help.

For a live chat, message us using the green chat tab in the bottom right hand corner. Feel free to ask us questions about:

  • Your bookings during this time
  • Tips and tricks on putting together flatpack products
  • "Where does this piece go?"

If you require a deeper dive into assistance, we can schedule a video call with one of our Assemblers, to guide you through those tricky instructions and missing pieces! Our Assemblers have put together hundreds of flatpack products, and will happily assist you over a call.

We want you to know, we're STILL here for you - saving marriages, one flatpack at a time!

'How to assemble'  - live webinars & demonstrations

Note: Live chat available during general office hours.  Outside these hours, please feel free to email us your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.