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Kitset Assembly Services has prepared specific Safe Work Protocols (SWP)  for the continued provision of services during this period. It is very important to us that you, our valued Customer, remains as safe as possible and has a high level of comfort that we are operating safely in the provision of our Assembly and Installation Services.

For the near future, the way we conduct our business is changed.  Certain components to our service delivery may have been added or, in some cases, removed. Our Assemblers and Installers appreciate your assistance and consideration on the following:


  • Wherever practical, we will look to work in isolation of you and your family (i.e.: in separate room)
  • We will look to contain the work environment.  Bollards or tape may be used to maintain a work ‘bubble’
  • We will observe the 2m distancing rule - that means no handshakes (or hugs) as we greet you or when we complete your assembly
  • If, for any reason, our Assembler or Installer feels ill, we will stay home.  If this occurs, we will either assign another Assembler or Installer (where possible) or reschedule your assembly.


  • We will carry hand sanitiser, spray sanitiser and disposable wipes in each toolkit
  • At the start and finish of each job; we will sanitise hands, tools, tablet and phone


  • Our Assembler or Installer will contain their work environment, by using either bollards or tape to maintain their work ‘bubble’ 
  • On completion of your assembly, our Assembler or Installer will sanitise and wipe down all assembled items and contact surfaces.


  • Virtual meetings (site discussions) will replace face-to-face, wherever practical
  • Our Assembler or Installer will place a SWP call with you, which will be done within a 24-hour window of beginning your assembly, to check your understanding of our COVID SWP Document 
  • We will seek verbal recognition of job completion (temporarily replacing our ‘on screen capture’ of Customer Signature), and you will witness this Job Completion Sign Off.


Our Field Managers will continue to monitor each job’s quality and feedback remotely.  Our systems are designed for full visibility on all work and projects, and these remote tools will be utilised over onsite inspections.

These are unprecedented times.  Like each of your own situations, Kitset Assembly Services has had to respond swiftly to this latest development.  We will continue to provide advice and services to you as best we can in this time. Stay safe, stay connected and stay strong. 

If you have any questions regarding the above, please don't hesitate to email our Customer Services team on [email protected]

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