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All things flatpack!

7 Emerging Trends in Outdoor Furniture

Every season, there’s a shake-up in trends for both indoor and outdoor furniture. If you’re tired of trying to scrub your old, decaying outdoor furniture every time you have guests over, why not invest in new pieces? Take advantage of freshly emerging trends to get that perfect look before summer rolls around. We’ll break down…
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What is Flat Pack Furniture and What are the Benefits?

Flatpack furniture can strike fear into many a grown man—the idea of hundreds of parts to build a simple table. Something you could buy ready made down at the local thrift shop. Why would anyone bother? A lot of New Zealanders do however bother, and most like myself will be repeat customers. There are many…
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Flat Pack Furniture and Sustainability

Sustainability is a widely used buzz word nowadays, as we realise the damage we have already done to the planet. Whether it’s banning single-use plastics, like drinking straws or changing to more eco-friendly fuels, we’re constantly looking for ways to extend the life of this planet. Where we live and what we use to furnish…
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Affordable Furniture Stores to Furnish Your Home on The Cheap

When setting up home for the first time, buying a property is only half of the battle. It’s one thing complaining about the rising prices of real estate, but what about all those extras you are going to need to fill your home? Whether it’s appliances for the kitchen, wall hangings or soft furnishings it…
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Flatpack Furniture, Ranked by Emotional Torture

Anybody who was ever tried assembling a flatpack kit with their other half will know the exact pain points we are about to talk about. If you have ever argued, either over or with a piece of flatpack furniture, you will probably have a few more words for the translation of some flatpack products –frustrating,…
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25 Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks and Solutions

Does your home seem to get smaller every time you move? In all reality it probably is—a recent study commissioned by CommsSec found the average floor size of an Australian home is at a 20-year low. Unfortunately, as we get older and move about more, our possessions seem to grow in size and number. I…
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