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New Zealand is a wonderful, world leader in initiative and creativity. Many products and services, known around the planet, have started in NZ and become household names. In some instances, even their product or service names have been adopted as descriptive titles, replacing more generic terms ... however KITSET unfortunately is not one of those.

From our beginning in New Zealand, KITSET was the perfect description for anything that came 'flatpacked', in modular form or needing assembly ... hence our name Kitset Assembly Services. As we expanded offshore, we found this lil ol brand named IKEA, which covers markets all over the globe (except NZ) and had revolutionised the furniture industry with their FLATPACK furniture.

Being a New Zealand company, we realised that most of our initial introductions overseas would be convincing people we don't know EVERYONE in our country, advising them that Australia has claimed some of our greatest products (Phar Lap, Crowded House & Pavlova's) and agreeing how great the All Black are ... and that doesn't leave much time to explain the Kitset /Flatpack similarities ... so we adopted the brand FLATPACK ASSEMBLY SERVICES in all other markets.