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How to Hang Paintings and Picture Frames

When you move into a new home, it doesn’t feel like your own until your pictures and art are on the walls. For most people, it’s hard to relax without installing these personalized touches. A canvas or hanging frame on wall mounts can be a challenging endeavour. We’ve listed everything you need to know to…
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Easy Tips To Decorate Your Rental Without Breaking The Rules

Sometimes, renting a home is preferable to owning one. Renters aren’t responsible for upkeep or repairs, and there isn’t the stress of maintaining value, loan interest rates, or appliance purchases. Often, renting a home means that you can enjoy all the perks of a house with far fewer responsibilities. The downside of renting is that…
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Best Apps for Planning a Room Layout & Design

Unless it’s something you do for a living, it’s not easy to visualise every aspect of a room layout in your mind. It can be hard to remember just how much bigger one wall is than another, where a window lies, or the location of the heating vent. Relax, there’s an app for everything. There…
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Home Gym Essentials Checklist: What You Should Have

Building the home gym of your dreams is perfectly achievable with proper planning, and even home gym assembly doesn’t have to be daunting if you’ve got the right equipment. As long as you don’t have a tiny apartment where there really isn’t enough space, there’s room for gym equipment in most houses. If you’re forced…
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7 Emerging Trends in Outdoor Furniture

Every season, there’s a shake-up in trends for both indoor and outdoor furniture. If you’re tired of trying to scrub your old, decaying outdoor furniture every time you have guests over, why not invest in new pieces? Take advantage of freshly emerging trends to get that perfect look before summer rolls around. We’ll break down…
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What is Flat Pack Furniture and What are the Benefits?

What is Flat Pack Furniture and What are the Benefits? Flatpack furniture can strike fear into many a grown man—the idea of hundreds of parts to build a simple table. Something you could buy ready made down at the local thrift shop. Why would anyone bother? A lot of New Zealanders do however bother, and…
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