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About us

“In April 2014, whilst studying accounting and management at the University of Canterbury, Jorgen Ellis was working in a home improvement store in Christchurch, New Zealand selling BBQ’s, outdoor furniture and Garden Sheds. After almost 3 years working at the store part-time Jorgen came across a painful problem as a consequence of selling flatpack furniture.

When selling an item, Jorgen was frequently challenged by customers for the fact that the items were sold in a flatpack form. Often customers would ask “Can’t I just buy the display model?” or “Can’t you just get somebody to assemble it?”

It was this challenge that led Jorgen to discover that Consumers are reluctant to purchase flatpack furniture because of the assembly requirement.

It could be said that flatpack furniture is one of the greatest tests of modern life. It’s a challenge that’s so demanding it can bring grown men and women to tears.

It’s a well known fact among relationship experts that a weekend of assembling flatpack furniture is enough to bring even the strongest of couples to the brink of divorce!

Its often to do with the indecipherable instruction manuals! They seem to come in 15 different languages including klingon and gibberish; but never english; and then they’re further illustrated by this bizzarre international language of gesticulating stickmen!

After discovering this gap in the market, and understanding why an assembly service was challenging for a retailer to provide, Jorgen decided to build a dependable business that could service multiple stores, products and provide customers with a with the high level of customer service a retail partner would expect; thus revolutionizing the way that Manufacturers, Retailers and Consumers thought about flatpack products.

At age 17, whilst studying accounting & management at the University of Canterbury Jorgen left and started Flatpack Assembly Services on a $310.00 investment. The business grew quickly, and is now one of the largest assembly service companies in New Zealand, opening in England and Australia in March 2017. It is the first New Zealand Company to successfully develop and prove a model which services more than 500 different products!

Flatpack Assembly Services has been built on an innovative and collaborative culture which is a true testament to our success. We work closely with our retail and manufacturing partners adding value, and providing a level of customer service which exceeds all expectations.

We pride ourselves on being the value-added service you can depend on.

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